April 2017 Newsletter

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Dear Healthy Housing Colleagues,

Last week the RIAHH Steering Committee set our priorities for 2017. Come help out at our monthly meetings, which will be run as working sessions with healthy housing leaders from across the state, from non-profits and state agencies and community groups.

Here's an outline:

RIAHH is building an active, engaged network of healthy housing professionals to amplify the impact of each other’s work. RIAHH advances member agency agendas, streamlines referrals to each other’s programs, facilitates connections to support agencies as they apply for grants or seeks assistance with improving their programs, and supports other collaborative work. RIAHH provides critical information to healthy homes agencies and advocates through our network of over 500 members using our website and online direct email and social media tools.

Over the next year, RIAHH is committed to:

  1. Establish a healthy housing information hub at HousingWorksRI:
  • Through our partners and members, finalize and disseminate a guide to Healthy Housing for all home visitors, including community health workers, energy efficiency auditors, lead inspectors, building code inspectors, and more; 
  • Create a healthy housing policy-makers brief that is endorsed by our member state agencies and provides direction for advancing healthy housing policy and interventions across Rhode Island;

         2. Create and distribute tools to promote healthy housing across the workforce:

  • Define the educational need for healthy homes content in home visitor and building trade professional trainings; 
  • Create a standardized Rhode-Island based healthy housing training curriculum that can be integrated into related training such as lead hazard prevention, community health worker trainings and energy efficiency auditor training; and 
  • Build a customized e-referral system to enhance connectivity among healthy homes interventions.

Interested? Send us an email or come to our monthly meetings, which are the Third Wednesday every month, 12:00-1:30. Location may change depending on how many people come!

We look forward to seeing you!


RIAHH Steering Committee