February 2017 Newsletter

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Dear RIAHH Colleagues,

In these ever-changing times, it becomes increasingly clear how critical housing is to all of the issues we face as a society: health, social justice, environmental preservation, and community safety. How can anyone work on these challenges without a healthy home to return to at night? Our collaborative model has become more important than ever: it allows us to work together to leverage scarce resources, combine efforts and direct our energies to support each other. By seeking shared agendas, we can advance our own agendas even further than we would on our own. 

With this view, we are happy to announce that RIAHH will transition to become a project of HousingWorksRI at Roger Williams University. Betsy Stubblefield Loucks will continue to support our work, and we will benefit from the leadership of Brenda Clement and the institutional support of the larger university.

The Alliance is building strength. We are excited to announce that Helen Anthony has stepped up as interim Chair, since John Eastman had to step down. We are grateful to John guiding us through key transitions this past year. Happily, John will remain on the Steering Committee. Tom Armstrong, a CLAP board member and formerly affiliated with the DEM, also joined the Steering Committee.

So stay tuned, and tell us what you are doing to support safe, healthy, energy efficient homes.


RIAHH Executive Steering Committee