February 2016 Newsletter

Healthy homes can create healthy families—and a healthy Rhode Island. Sadly, we saw this winter what kind of damage a failed system can do in Flint, Michigan. GHHI and its partners have offered expertise to help that community recover, but they have a long road ahead. A recent article on lead poisonings in NJ and Flint, MI describes a cautionary tale and discussion of lead in RI.

This issue of the RIAHH newsletter reviews several projects that target the healthy housing puzzle in Rhode Island, from affordability to energy efficiency to social justice to jobs. RIAHH exists to support for all of these different initiatives, and so we describe them here in order to cross-promote and hope that the larger healthy housing community will take action to support these initiatives.

Please send news or events that you’d like to see in the next issue to Betsy Stubblefield Loucks (eloucks@ghhi.org).

-The RIAHH Steering Committee


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