RIAHH is back in action! Here's the Low-Down

Dear Colleagues;

The Alliance is back! December's newsletter will catch you up on changes in RIAHH leadership and then dive into describing actions that you (and all of us) can take to promote healthy housing in Rhode Island. 

Since its launch in 2014, the Alliance been a collaboration among people from state agencies, non-profits, academic institutions, and businesses who care about healthy and sustainable housing. Now that the Alliance is two years old, the Steering Committee has made some changes to its leadership and staffing structure. With much gratitude to GHHI for their foresight and energetic leadership to found the Alliance, the Steering Committee decided to shift the role of backbone agency to a Rhode Island based provider.

In July, the Steering Committee released a request for proposals for a new backbone agency or consultant. After careful deliberation, the Steering Committee awarded the role to an independent, Rhode Island-based contractor, Betsy Stubblefield Loucks. As most of you know, Betsy was the most recent GHHI employee to fulfill GHHI’s responsibilities to the Alliance. Betsy left GHHI in May in order to launch her own business as a strategy consultant to local Rhode Island projects that address health and environmental issues.  

The Steering Committee has also seen a change in chairpersons. Elizabeth Tobin-Tyler of Brown Medical School provided sound leadership, vision and inspiration to the Alliance for the past two years. Liz notified the Steering Committee that she would not seek a new term in April, and stayed in her role until the end of August. We are indebted to Liz and will miss her! John Eastman of Rhode Island Housing has generously stepped in as interim chair until we are resettled and can identify a co-chair. 

Next, the Steering Committee is excited to announce a few new members: Roberta Hazen-Aaronson, the Executive Director of the Childhood Lead Action Project; Matt Banoub, owner of A-Ten Energy; Helen Anthony, of Handy Law, LLC, and Brenda Clement, the new Executive Director of HousingWorksRI at RWU.

With these changes, the leadership of the Alliance remains strong, and is glad to have these new faces on board and to get back to work!


Executive Steering Committee:

John Eastman, Chair, Rhode Island Housing

Helen Anthony, Handy Law, LLC

Matt Banoub, A-Ten Energy

Brenda Clement, HousingWorks of RI at RWU

Roberta Hazen-Aaronson, Childhood Lead Action Project

Brian Hull, City of Providence Office of Community Development

Michelle Kollett-Almeida, Department of Health

Darlene Price, Office for Housing and Community Development

Margarita Robledo, Green & Healthy Homes Initiative

Gregory Schultz, Department of the Attorney General